The Laws and Doubts of Web Development.

The Laws and Doubts of Web Development.

 Even with what seems like a never ending list of courses and programs, tailored to teach the fundamentals of online earning. The idea of a passive and automated source of income, may still seem difficult, or even impossible from many differing perspectives. With all due respect, there’s a lot to be, and that I’ve already learnt from these endeavors. Factual though is, if there aren’t any previous experiences with Web Development programming codes, additional resources will have to be utilized.

The truth behind most of these sites is, they were designed to attract visitors in larger magnitude than helping them. Capitalizing on the desires of the enthused, Websites are being engineered to attract user traffic in a legion of ways, and a lot of claims to teach, secret formulas or even these same methods (that’s actually being used on all of us), in it’s entirety are unfortunately only a “hoax”. The more traffic a Website has, it becomes a more lucrative place for ads, and in most cases, a guaranteed source of income. This is a very common objective in site building, and the basis underlying the investment of time or money. Yes, including myself, we all want to make extra or in some cases, an income totally. But ironically, not all of us with an extremely great idea to publish, will be able to find $49 extra monthly. In a case where there’s more time available to invest than cash, you can bypass these systems, and still accomplish your goal. Based upon first hand experiences with similar crisis, this article will depict an attempt to teach back what I’ve learned, which is some of the most important steps in creating your own earning website, at no extra costs, in a simplified manner.

Overall development and features

Placeholder ImageThe overall development of every Website consists of a standard list of features that can be found on all effective online platforms. While content remains a key focus in this creation, features of the containing elements also plays a major role. Some of these features are easily bypassed, but should never be. Each has it’s own important role, from creating attention and convenience to the official page ranking of your site.
Presentation: Operating a Website is very much similar to the operations of a physical business that stocks inventory. In this sense, customer appeal is generated by the presentation of your content. Proper presentation goes beyond the visual elements of your site, and might require some basic knowledge of  HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and  CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Background color, text and image format and menu location, are of a recommended standard and can be adopted from your favorite top ranking sites.  Close attention and emphasis on the following list will also contribute to a more presentable online presence, on or off page.

1. Rich Content

Does your site content answer relative questions? It should, a recent article on google ranking policies, reported that a more modern way of ranking webpage content, is to evaluate how well the content answers search queries. Your own expectations of, the Website you browse trying to learn something new on any subject, should have similar depictions. This structure should always be interesting and unique. The more informed you are, will make it a ton easier to explain a point in greater details. So in this case, thorough researches are of absolute necessity.
With all regards to rich content, SEO is more than just a set of established guidelines to follow, it’s personal experiences relayed in an articulated, informative and reader friendly composition.

2. Google Map

new google mapThe added value of Google Map, is one that will fluctuate with your geographic location, but complete optimization depends on it. This increases your site’s visibility in local search results, making it an ideal resource for directing offline traffic to your business or services platform.
Along with a set of javascript codes, a free API Key from google is all the requirements you’ll need to create  one on your Website
 Find out more about Google Maps and API keys.

3. Alternative image text

If a selected image is unable to load, due to slow internet speed or other reasons, the (alt=””)element inside the image tag  is displayed as a replacement for the selected image, this also helps when the user is visually impaired. In other instances like crawling, the google bot uses this text to determine what the image is. Crawling is done by the google bot that visits your site. It examine and collects information from your site that’s used ultimately in the index and ranking of your site, and the aim and essence remains, to score high marks.
Read more on the google bot.

4. A Translater.

translater htmlBypassing the limitations of the language barrier will most definitely subscribe to the use a translater. While chrome and other browsers offer this as a standard feature, most browsing are said to be done on mobile devices without a conventional toolbar. In this case of the mobile user in mind, it’s another scored point of convenience and appeal. Ignored on a majority of website, this is a key to global exposure and shouldn’t be a left off.
This is also likely the shortest set of javascript coding structure.  Get your javascript translater code here

5.  Use of copyrights material

The unauthorized use of copyrighted or trademarked items is not only a silent, but devastating blow to the health of your website.
This practice is to be constantly avoided. Google the most dominant search engine, for example, will not index or rank a website that’s exposed to a copyrights violation.
The inceptions of vulnerability to a lawsuit should by no means, be any lesser source of discouragement.

6. A Privacy/Cookie Policy

By law, every Commercial Website or Online services is required to have a Privacy Policy statement posted conspicuously on their sites. Most jurisdiction have already adopted this regulation, developed from a legal framework defined by Privacy Laws. This means the collection of, (PII) personally identifiable information as, the data and type of data collected, the use of this data, to whom and why were these data are released, should be disclosed to the visitors of these sites. The compliance to these regulations are not just limited to the borders of the operating Website’s location, as they’re also extended to the remote users in other jurisdiction.
Of course, many people never bother to read this statement and some are even clueless as to it’s purpose, never the less, this regulation is one with which you might need to comply, as an operator of these services.
Read more on Privacy and Cookie Policies here>>.

7. A Navigation Bar

The Nav Bar could be compared to a joystick or even a steering wheel in capacity to the maneuverability of any Website. The easy transition from one page to another makes this a lot more than just appearance, it makes your site much more user friendly. Of course this doesn’t necessarily contribute to, the crawling, indexing or ranking of a site, but the convenience of navigation will be an helping agent in most cases of a revisit.
Absence of this and other features of similar nature, will render your site less than user friendly, and will attract a lower rate of repeated use by the same visitors.

8. A short bio.

Another thing I’ve learned, through experience, it’s much easier to get comfortable when you’re interacting with people you know. That’s where the short bio comes in. Bloggers, operators and editors are public figures, so a formal intro would include content similar to, or, your hobby, education, your pet, or even your neighborhood, a clear photograph of yourself is also a privilege for your viewers.
Not only for the benefit of your visitors, it’s also a fragment of SEO, and will score an extra point by, allowing your visitors to feel like you’re someone they’ve known for a while. All of these counts as a strategy to generate recurring traffic in online and other services. There are no regulations in terms of how much information you give out. Just try to make a moderate impression, use your own expectations to determine what’s good enough. Based upon my own habits, I think the auto bio page of a site gets a lot more visits than the privacy policy for example, and this has ensured my continued and suggested tradition of making it as informative and inviting as possible.

9. Social Media Account

facebook page Back links are touted to improve rankings, and one of the easiest way to post these are through social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., are a surefire way to promote articles. This is also referred to as off page SEO. Improved ranking might be a tout, but this is a guaranteed method of increasing your number of viewers. Through this medium it’s a possibility to experience more traffic than a higher ranking Website. In these instances your site’s rank is improved. Even from great distance, there are no doubts that, the most visited sites online are social media’s. An account linked to your site and constantly updated, is a fast, free and guaranteed way of directing generic traffic.

Mandatory basic costs

The mandatory, and basic costs of Web Development applies to the purchases of two main parts; Domain and web hosting. Charges might be different, depending on the provider.

Domain: Relatively cheap, a Domain will costs about $20 per year, and can be purchased on a long term basis. There’s also the option of free alternatives, (sub-domains) but a lot of options are unavailable with free versions, and these limitations can be vital to the effectiveness of your site.

Web Hosting: Web hosting comes at a monthly cost of an average minimum $8, and are billed on an annual basis. The cost of monthly hosting will normally increase with the dynamics and functionality of a website. So as your site’s activity increases, expect to pay more. Some providers will  offer a free domain with a purchase of one year’s hosting plan.

The most challenging tasks

The most expensive and challenging tasks, comes from the most important; to generate user traffic (viewers). Most expensive, if you choose to use a paid traffic system like, PPC (pay per click), or the hiring of professional services. Most challenging will be the attempt to perform your own optimization  for generic views, (free traffic) and this brings us to the most important piece of web development, SEO.
Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) is the different or collective methods, used as an alternative to achieve top rankings on first page in search engines like: Google, Yahoo or Bing. Demands for this type of service, is experiencing constant growth and the costs have entertained it’s own shares of inflation as well. Of course these costs can be avoided, by means of self application. Maybe difficult, but definitely not impossible, even basic knowledge of web development codes like; HTML, CSS and Javascript, will be an asset in this challenge. These however, can be easily achieved with only the enthusiasm to learn and some spare time. Otherwise, the lack of experience for the common person in this area, will make this an extremely challenging and time consuming task.

Driven by the reluctance of developers to teach us the main facts, we often gets discouraged about making an income online. The difficulty in achieving a good page ranks in major search engines, might seem more eminent than anything, but in all realms, this accomplishment is not half as nerve wrecking as Algebra or Physics. A quick review of Google Webmasters Guideline, will generate the most important things you need to know.

Your website should be a depiction of your own imaginations, so while copying may be acceptable in some features, try to apply as much of your own style as possible. Spend the necessary time on researches and reviews, and ask for available opinions. You can always contact us, at The file Guru Unit to create your Website or Affiliate platform at a very affordable price. Ask a question or leave a comment, we’ll be happy to respond.


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