The  Basic definition of a Geek.

The Basic definition of a Geek.

After using the word “Geek” in our title for some period of time now, there’s been one significant thing noticed. A lot, maybe most people are still not familiar with the term.There’s also the tendency to avoid as a result of negative perceptions. However if you’re an over active computer user with an extended reputation for solving technically related issues, or an obsessive or creative personality with little or poor social interest, then you might be labeled as a Geek.

The character referred to as a “Geek” in a Science term, is a; Computer, Electrical or Technical know how (savvy) person. The word is originally a slang used to describe eccentric or introverted personalities; in current use, it’s meaning usually connotes an expert or enthusiast or a person obsessed with a task or intellectual pursuit.
According to Wickepedia, there has been numerous definitions, most of which we use today surfaced after the Digital revolution that began in (1985). While there’s also been an history of derogatory labels carried by this word, modern tech users have however used it in a more positive light and in some circles it is considered a compliment to be called a “Geek”, because it implies a high level of competence. This term is also considered appropriate by the self identified “Geek” to refer to a new , socially acceptable role in a technologically advanced society.

Why Geeks Locker

The Geeks Locker use of this word indicates a profound and undivided attention to a particular field of study, and defines the group’s devoted dedication and versatility in areas of:

    1. Web designs and development
    2. Solar installations and services
    3. CCTV full scale services
    4. Modems and Routers configuration and signal expansions
    5. Electrical installations and troubleshooting
    6. Online Merchandising and Affiliate Platforms


We are an organized, competent, intelligent and creative team, open for public engagement on every level. Currently working on numerous projects that will eventually impact all areas of life including: finances, recreations, travelling and ultimately our economy. An extreme obsession and advocacy of “How Stuff Works”, have forced every member of our unit to conduct extensive researches and studies of various systems and devices. Advanced cognitive abilities towards technically oriented products have influenced in labeling the unit as Geeks, the term Locker was used as a symbol of the dedicated team members, working as a combined unit, bringing together a diversity of ideas on similar topics.geeks lockerThe Geeks locker makes money from affiliate links posted on it’s website,  Facebook, Twitter, Google+  Linkedin, and Youtube, among local, web designs and developments, marketing and digital solutions, CCTV and Solar installations. Through extensive researches and  participation in forums, we’re able to deliver competent analysis and recommendations of multiple products and services. This Unit thrives on it’s capacity to integrate Merchants and Businesses into mainstream marketing, using  socio-economic protocols.

Current projects involves the following and are available to participation by interested individuals, but are not limited to are:

  1. A Self Powered, Energy Free Generator
  2. An Eco bike (self powered electric bicycle).
  3. An offroad Shifter Kart and Track

By liking us on Facebook, following us on Instagram or Twitter, connecting on Linkedin, subscribing to our Blogs or Youtube channel or joining us on Google+ you’ll be supporting us technically and even financially, and you’ll also have the privilege of first class updates on the progress of the current projects. Those who are interested in physical participations or more detailed information can contact us by the Email address or  Telephone  number listed on our Contact Page. Soliciting to any links on our page by means of purchases, does earn us a commission, so any methods of support are extremely appreciated. We’ll also take the necessary time to assist with your technical queries or establishing a source of online income, from building your own affiliate site to utilizing social media platforms for running ads.// So if you’re one of the millions who’ve previously had a negative perception of who a Geek might be, we invite you to challenge us with any technical ideas or issues that you might have, and we’re guaranteed to make you, the friend of a Geek.

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